DataCamp Online Data Science Courses Review

Trustworthy review of online data science learning platform DataCamp.

Datacamp is one of the well-known, easy to learn, beginner-friendly, self-paced, and industry-ready data science online learning platform. It gives you a learn by experience environment with hands-on practice sessions. It focuses on courses, learning tracks, projects, case studies, and assignments. It offers various courses on R, Python, Machine learning, Probability, Statistics, Time-series Analysis, SQL, Spreadsheet and Data engineering. Its courses are on a monthly/yearly subscription basis for individuals and teams. It also offers community tutorials for free.

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  • It offers courses on R, Python, Statistics, Probability, Time-series Analysis, Machine learning, SQL, Spreadsheet, Git, and Data engineering.
  • It offers career tracks for Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data engineers and skill tracks for R, Python, SQL, and other related skills.
  • It also offers projects, case studies, and assignments.
  • It offers an interactive interface with visual learning and an in-built coding console for hands-on practice.
  • You will get a certificate for completion of each course and you can also showcase it on LinkedIn.
  • Its videos are short, easy to learn, and followed by a quiz and practice assignment.
  • They also have established community on Slack.
  • It offers a free, standard ($25 per month), and premium accounts($33.25 per month) for learners.

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