DataCamp Online Data Science Courses Review

Trustworthy review of online data science learning platform DataCamp.

Datacamp is one of the well-known, easy to learn, beginner-friendly, self-paced, and industry-ready data science online learning platform. It gives you a learn by experience environment with hands-on practice sessions. It focuses on courses, learning tracks, projects, case studies, and assignments. It offers various courses on R, Python, Machine learning, Probability, Statistics, Time-series Analysis, SQL, Spreadsheet and Data engineering. Its courses are on a monthly/yearly subscription basis for individuals and teams. It also offers community tutorials for free.

DataCamp offers the following key benefits to the learners:

  • DataCamp instructors are experienced professionals from both academia and industry. Most of them are renowned in their fields.
  • It offers courses on R, Python, Statistics, Probability, Time-series Analysis, Machine learning, SQL, Spreadsheet, Git, and Data engineering.
  • It offers career tracks for Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data engineers and skill tracks for R, Python, SQL, and other related skills.
  • It also offers projects, case studies, and assignments.
  • It offers an interactive interface with visual learning and an in-built coding console for hands-on practice.
  • You will get a certificate for completion of each course and you can also showcase it on LinkedIn.
  • Its videos are short, easy to learn, and followed by a quiz and practice assignment.
  • They also have established community on Slack.
  • It offers a free, standard ($25 per month), and premium accounts($33.25 per month) for learners.

What I dislike about DataCamp is its mobile app which has very restricted features.

DataCamp courses are well-designed, explained, and easy to learn courses by well-known experts in the fields. DataCamp has proved that they have one of the best learning platforms for starting a data science journey. It offers a range of introductory courses and advanced courses. Introductory courses can help beginners to start quick and easy learning and the advanced courses help experienced professionals to improve their skill set consistently.

You can start your journey here: DataCamp Course

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