How to find an internship in Data Science?

Your guide to getting a data scientist internship

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Landing a job in data science is not an easy thing to do because of its wide skillset. Most of the companies don’t know what skillset they are looking for. On another side, some companies need a very specific requirement for domain, skill, and experience. Data science is a new field and companies are also facing problems in finding the correct candidates.

For an internship role in data science, you need to be prepared with the skillset. If you are good with python and machine learning then apply for the same kind of roles or if your good in computer vision than apply for such roles. The core intention is to be good at 2–3 core skills of data science (such as R, Python, SQL, Excel, Statistics, ML, NLP, DL, Hadoop, Spark) because data science has a variety of skills and as a fresher, you can’t be good at everything. Data science has 3 core job roles Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Data Engineer. Data scientist roles also have Core Machine Learning, NLP, and Computer vision domain. You need to be clear about which role you want.

Also, not every start-up needs to offer an internship position. Some of them will offer and some of them will not. In my opinion, you should do the following things:

  • Make a list of start-ups in your area of preference(in the data science area).

It can be possible some of the start-ups may directly hire a fresher for the required position. So prepare your resume and cover letter, start applying and prepare yourself for the interview. Do some mock interviews with your friends and classmates.

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