My First Experience of Writing a Data Science Book

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How my work experience helped me?

Writing a technical book needs crystal clear knowledge of concepts of all the topics of that subject. Fortunately, In my case, my experience in research, academia, and industry helped me a lot. My research experience taught me how to write research papers and my teaching experience helped me how to explain things simply and understandably. My industry experience helped me with how to solve industry problems with data science knowledge. This overall combination of different-different experiences will give an edge to my book because it has everything that an individual needs to know when they want to start a journey in data science.

Experience with publisher

If I talk about the publishing team from Packt, the whole team is awesome. They are always available for me and giving their 100% constant support. I would give them special thanks because it is impossible without their continuous feedback and suggestions.

My struggle

The main struggle in this process is devoting 2-hour daily and putting your best into writing, coding, designing pictures, developing examples, and constant follow-up on changes for a year. This whole process involves lots of thinking, analyzing, and putting multiple things together. The journey is nerve-wracking. Apart from writing, It is also a challenge that what to put in a Data Science book? designing an initial outline and making it relevant at the time of release because this data science world is changing rapidly and every day we are getting some new tools and python libraries.

Things that I kept in mind while writing the book

  • Most of the book either scratches the surface or too hard to follow the concepts. So I make sure that it starts from scratch and gradually it shifts readers’ learning curve to an advanced level.
  • Simple and straight forward machine learning concept explanation.
  • It should have enough examples to explain data science and machine learning concept.
  • Also, provide hands-on with analyzing data.
  • Technical books are tedious and boring in nature, so I need to maintain the rhythm without compromising the conceptual knowledge.
  • The book should be well organized and structured. It will help in engaging the readers.

The final publishing draft

But when you see your final completed draft at that time you forget all the problems and difficulties you faced during the writing. When you see best wishes from your loved ones, students, and constant reviews from readers, it will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction. In the end, it encourages and motivates you for going ahead and continue writing.

I hope this can inspire you to write your own data science book and those who have already written a technical book can correlate with my experience. If you want to start your journey in data science then this book is for you because it helps you to perform data collection, data processing, wrangling, visualization, and model building using Python.

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