Required Skillset for Data Scientist

“Data really powers everything that we do.” — Jeff Weiner

Data Scientist has to be a jack of many trades and wear multiple hats of a data analyst, statistician, mathematician, programmer, ML, or NLP engineer. Most of the people are not enough skilled or expert in all these trades. Also, getting skilled enough it requires lots of efforts and patience. This why data science cannot be learned in 3 or 6 months courses. Learning data science is a journey.

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Here is the list of skills for data scientist job role:

  1. Understanding of Database: At least one relational database tool such as MySQL and Postgre. SQL is a must for working on relational databases. At least one NoSQL database such as MongoDB, Neo4j.
  2. Programming: Python and R
  3. Statistics and Linear Algebra
  4. Data Pre-processing: Most of the time of your job you will spend here.
  5. Feature Generation
  6. Model Building
  7. Evaluating the performance of the model.
  8. Hands-on experience in big data technology such as Hadoop, Spark
  9. Data Scraping
  10. Data Visualization
  11. Dealing with text data or Text Analytics
  12. Building deep learning models
  13. Web application development experience for designing POC and linking your project with the web application.
  14. Story Telling
  15. Communication Skill

Apart from all these patience, focus, problem-solving, continuous learning attitude, and need to be work as a team player.

Also, Invest in the learning domain because the domain knowledge can stand out from the crowd. Avoid chasing buzzwords and fancy algorithms, focus on your basics, and get an intuitive understanding of algorithms.

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For more such tutorials and courses visit DataCamp:

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